Amongst many first lessons from mother, one is "Never go with strangers". So we are happy to introduce ourselves and not remain strangers :)

We provide great services and ideas

In the entire history of evolution, never has the need for new ideas, and their management been of such paramount importance, as today. Idea management is one of the most significant components that have the potential to drive the overall innovation process of a country. The ability to filter the good ideas from the bad ones, and then execute them, is what fuels the advancement of a nation. We have long since moved from the industrial age into the information age and without good ideas there would be no intellectual property (IP), perhaps the most valuable of all assets a country can now possess.

This drives us in creating innovative solutions and products using cutting edge information technology and other engineering discipline to solve real life problems. Our goal is to create enabling platforms of doing business, transactions and any other activity through efficient use of resources. In this endeavour we are connecting the universities and business and create a synergy to innovate

We at ideating solutions pvt ltd are working towards transforming ideas into reality through our program ideatebox and assist businesses in staying ahead in a changing world by co-creating innovative solutions.


Ideatebox is an initiative by a team of alumni from National Institute of Technology, Allahabad and Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur after spending close to 8 years in the industry.